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The Building and Concrete Restoration Association of Ontario’s members are contractors, material suppliers, consultants and engineering firms with expertise in the field of building and concrete repair. The Association was founded in 1985.
Membership Benefits

The purpose of the Association is to provide a forum for keeping members up-to-date on technical developments. B&CRAO runs at least four seminars a year for this purpose. These seminars provide opportunities for contractors, suppliers and engineers to deal with problems outside the pressure of a specific job site — so there is no defensiveness and people can get straight answers.

  • B&CRAO encourages business networking. Building owners call B&CRAO for our membership list to select suppliers. New business opportunities arise at B&CRAO meetings.
  • B&CRAO participates in joint industry action on key bottom-line issues like pre-qualification for tendering and lobbying various levels of government on issues of concern to the industry.
  • Newsletters keep members and the industry informed of the Association’s action, seminars and new products.